Saturday, May 15, 2010


I absolutely adore animals, and do lots to help find them homes, educate people on responsible care, and providing a forever home to these lovable critters. I have learned throughtout my life that they have always offered me unconditional love, and were one of the priceless constants in my life, even today. So, from time to time, you will see a moving video about some animals just because I LOVE them SO MUCH. I hope you enjoy this one - it shows the pure innocence of these amazing animals. They brought happy tears to my eyes as well. God bless them, big and small. I first saw this on Facebook while checking out Stamping


Gloria Westerman said...

This is so beautiful.....I would like to copy it but don't know DH wants me to send it to him .....thank you for sharing this .....I love it .....because I love all animals too..